Fisheyes Night Fishing Light Specifications

Small size, only 5 inches long, 1 deep and 1 high.
Weighs only 2 oz.
Fits in tackle box.
Plugs into 12 volts DC lighter socket.

Power Consumption
less than 1/4 amp

Ultrabright UV LED's
200 millicandela nominal brightness
30 degree viewing angle.
9 LED's mounted at different angles providing 60 degree field of vision.
25 mW forward current.

Ultrabright white LED's
12000 millicandela nominal brightness.
30 degree viewing angle.
6 LED's mounted at right angle to unit.
25 mW forward current.

Instructions for use
Loosen thumb screws.
Rotate bracket to desired position.
Dampen suction cups.
Push suction cups on unit onto smooth surface, like boat gunwale.
Plug included cigarette lighter plug into cigarette lighter socket.
Push Fisheye button on unit to switch from UV to white or white to UV.

Fisheyes Night Fishing Light

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